support of locale

Carson Gaspar carson at
Wed Jan 24 11:37:23 EST 2007

Darren Tucker wrote:
> Cynthia K MULLIS wrote:
>> When I ssh to a server, the locale information is set to "C" regardless
>> of the settings in the /etc/default/init. 
> OpenSSH's sshd does not parse /etc/default/init, so unless your shell 
> does then you won't see them.
> I don't know what normally parses it on Solaris, but if it's a PAM 
> module then enabling PAM might help.

It's parsed by "init", oddly enough ;-)

If you change /etc/default/init, you need to reboot (sadly, there is no 
way to get init to re-read the config file). Then init will have the new 
settings, and all children of init will inherit them.

I haven't looked at the source to see if sshd will pass said environment 
along to its children or not.


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