OpenSSH_4.3p2 on AIX ssh-agent does not work

Mark G Smith masmitty at
Fri Jun 22 02:12:06 EST 2007

After installing this OpenSSH build on our AIX v5.2 systems, some users
started complaining that their logins failed.
We are using the binary build "OpenSSH 4.3p2-r2 for AIX 5.2" posted on

Digging deeper, we find that these failing users have their clients
configured to use ssh-agent.
this appears in the syslog at the time of their attempted login .....
Jun 21 15:57:11 gt0405a sshd[31906]: Accepted password for marks from port 2489 ssh2
Jun 21 15:57:12 gt0405a sshd[45470]: Disconnecting: bind: A system call
received a parameter that is not valid.

Running "sshd -d" was not very informative, but actually printed the same
errno results.

When reconfiguring each client for login WITHOUT ssh-agent, logins are once
again successfull, & all is well as peace reigns once again in the valley.
However, our ssh-agent users are VERY loyal & they want their ssh-agent
working again in their part of the valley!

How can we fix this?
Please advise.

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