IdleTimeout patch did not get in?

B Wooster bwooster47 at
Sun Jun 24 23:05:09 EST 2007

Doing a search in the list archives, I see that in 2001/2002 there was
a patch made available for IdleTimeout keyword, for example:

Looks like that patch did not make it in the following versions of
OpenSSH - is there a reason why  - any chance of the patch getting
back in?

I do know about ClientInterval, but I think I need IdleTimeout.

The specific circumstance is that I've a SSH2 session from a laptop
(PuTTY) to a OpenSSH server.

When the laptop goes into standby or hibernates, and then is
re-started after around 8 hours, the SSH session gets a network
disconnect error". Since hibernate implies the client and the network
connection is dormant, I am wondering if the IdleTimeout might help
(maybe not?)
If anyone has any other options that would allow an server to not
disconnect a client even the connection is dormant - or maybe this is
not possible? - let me know!
Hate having to re-connect every 8 hours!

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