Announce: OpenSSH 4.6 released

Corinna Vinschen vinschen at
Fri Mar 9 04:41:30 EST 2007


On Mar  7 16:10, Damien Miller wrote:
> OpenSSH 4.6 has just been released. It will be available from the
> mirrors listed at shortly.
> OpenSSH is a 100% complete SSH protocol version 1.3, 1.5 and 2.0
> implementation and includes sftp client and server support.

A user on the Cygwin mailing list found a problem with 4.6p1 when
using protocol version 1.  The bug report was rather short:

$ ssh -1 somemachine
Disconnecting: Corrupted check bytes on input.

I can reproduce this behaviour and when starting ssh with -vvv flags,
the above error message is printed in this context:

  debug1: Found key in /home/corinna/.ssh/known_hosts:221
  debug1: Encryption type: 3des
  debug1: Sent encrypted session key.
  debug2: cipher_init: set keylen (16 -> 32)
  debug2: cipher_init: set keylen (16 -> 32)
  debug1: Installing crc compensation attack detector.
  Disconnecting: Corrupted check bytes on input.

The problem is that only the Cygwin 4.6p1 version seems to be affect.

I tested the following combinations, the rows are the ssh version
with which I tried to connect to the sshd versions in the columns,
always with version 1.5 protocol.

    sshd:   Linux 4.5    Linux 4.6    Cygwin 4.5    Cygwin 4.6
Linux 4.5     ok            ok            ok        corrupted
Linux 4.6     ok            ok            ok        corrupted
Cygwin 4.5    ok            ok            ok        corrupted
Cygwin 4.6  corrupted    corrupted    corrupted         ok

Apparently it doesn't have anything to do with the last minute patch I
sent to this list a couple of days ago.  It doesn't matter whether I use
text read/write, or text read/binary write, or binary read/write.
The effect is always the same.  Since the checksums are transmitted
using sockets, and sockets are unconditionally using binary read/write
mode anyway, this was not to be expected.

So, my question is this:  Is there any change in the protocol 1 code
which could explain this behaviour?  Where shall I look if I try to
debug this further?  I'm rather a bit stumped right now.

Thanks in advance,

Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat

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