[RFC]: OpenSSH vpn lists

Jefferson Ogata Jefferson.Ogata at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 22 20:15:55 EST 2007

On 03/22/2007 02:30 AM, William Ahern wrote:
> Or, you simply patch OpenSSH to support domain socket forwarding. Then you

Not to disagree with you on your argument, but to clarify: what you are
calling "domain sockets" are actually called "UNIX-domain sockets". The
term "domain" refers to the protocol family, which is specified during
creation of every socket. Among other things, the domain determines the
namespace for the socket's binding--e.g. the UNIX domain (PF_UNIX) for
paths in the UNIX filesystem, or the Internet domain (PF_INET) for IP +
port. There are additional domains for other protocol families; see the
PF_ definitions in <sys/socket.h>.

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