Port Hopping in OpenSSH

Jeremy JACQUE jacquejeremy at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 25 21:49:02 EST 2007

I'm student in a French college and trying to implement Port Hopping for 
I already write some code (quite dirty you may say) that produce some big 
bugs !!
So  could you send me some advise on the implementation i wrote.
You may find the patch here :
Thanks a lot in advance.
Have a nice day

jacquejeremy at hotmail.com

this implementation is only working with IPv4 sockets and support no 
subsystem, so you will need to use sshd -4.
You will find a file PORT_HOPPING_README with some explanations on how to 
compile and run the project.

!! Be careful, you may have some bugs (for ex: if stay pushing "enter" on 
the client console , the server will send in an endless loop a port hopping 
request ??)

A simple way to find the code i wrote in the source :
     grep -n modifier *.{c,h}

One more time thanks

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