Programs run over ssh aren't getting real ttys.

James Supancic arrummzen at
Mon Nov 5 13:58:50 EST 2007

I use OpenSSH on a number of machines. If I connect to most of my
machines and open a bash shell the first three file descriptors of
bash are something like /dev/pts/6. On these machines OpenSSH is as
good as a "real" terminal.

However, I am putting together an embedded system and I must minimize
the size of the installed system. I have OpenSSH working on this
system but, when I connect and run bash the first three file
descriptors are something like socket: [460]. The issue on this system
is a number of tty related functions fail, greatly impairing my
ability to use all but the simplest terminal programs.

What is wrong? What must I do to enable programs run over ssh (such as
bash) to get real pseudo-ttys and not simple sockets?

Thank you for your time,
James Steven Supancic III

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