Logit function problems

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Tue Nov 6 09:09:47 EST 2007

On Nov 5, 2007 1:50 PM, Chris Rapier <rapier at psc.edu> wrote:
> I'm trying to collect some additional user information from the server
> using the 'logit' function. For example, I'm trying to get the cipher,
> mac, and compression status from kex.c in kex_chose_conf() with
>                   logit("SSH: %s;Ltype: Kex;Enc: %s;MAC: %s:Comp: %s",
>                         ctos ? "Server" : "Client",
>                         newkeys->enc.name,
>                         newkeys->mac.name,
>                         newkeys->comp.name);
> right after the similar debug statement. When I'm running the server in
> debug mode this line works fine. However, when I use it in normal mode
> this information doesn't print out at all. I'm assuming this has
> something to do with privilege separation as it works when its disabled.

Right, your code is being run by the preauth privsep slave which is
chrooted and thus does not have access to the syslog socket.

> Is there, or can anyone think of, a way around this?

Make a /dev/log inside the privsep chroot and tell your syslogd to
listen on it in addition to the regular one (this is usually the -a
option to syslogd, but check your platform's doco).

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