Using OpenSSH with Rsync

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Nov 14 06:40:53 EST 2007

Warren Roach wrote:
> This question is perhaps one you have seen before but I have not
> found an answer to as yet.
> Rsync uses cygwin1.dll as does openssh.  Is there a more current
> compilation of openssh that uses a more current cygwin1.dll such that
> both rsync and openssh can function on the same version?  This is
> important because of improvements made to cygwin1 that affect rsync
> speed.  Thanks for your thoughts and help.

The OpenSSH and rsync binaries that ship with Cygwin itself will use the 
same version of the cygwin DLL.  If you're not using those then you're 
pretty much on your own.

I think that recent versions of Windows now allow per-process private 
DLLs these days, so if you must use different versions then that might help.

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