SCP bug on OpenSSH 3.6p1

Love, David David.Love at
Sat Nov 17 07:32:47 EST 2007

I apologize if this has been reported already - my company has blocked
the reporting site so I cannot see if it has or what the solution is.


I have also reported this to AT&T as a UWIN issue too.


Ok - so I am running UWIN 4.1 (the latest version of this) on a Windows
XP SP2 system.  UWIN 4.1 bundles with it OpenSSH 3.6p1.  I have setup
and tested SSH and it works fine.  I can run an ssh command to one of my
unix servers and it works and reports exactly as I expect it to.


But when I run "scp <ID>@<HOSTNAME>:/etc/ssh/ssh_config ." I get the
following error:

ssh: <HOSTNAME>:/etc/ssh/sshd_config: no address associated with


It is not extracting the HOSTNAME properly in order to do its IP lookup
on it.  If I change this to use the IP address - it still fails and the
error is the same - just substitute the IP for the HOSTNAME.  It seems
to be an SCP issue in the way it is extracting the name.  if I add an
entry in my /etc/hosts file for the entire entry above (with colon and
path) it will then try to establish the scp connection (and it fails for
other reasons obviously then).


My question is - is there a simple fix for this version of OpenSSH - or
do I have to upgrade.  I have a question out to UWIN to find out how I
would do that though since it is a packaged application for them.  


Thank you in advance for any support.




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