scp -t . - possible idea for additional parameter

Larry Becke guyverdh at
Thu Oct 11 11:38:38 EST 2007

let me rephrase the question then...
How hard would it be to change scp, so that, if -T were used instead of -t, to do 2 things?
#1 - If "../" were found in the remote path, error out.
#2 - Preface "./" to the remote path, after the host name.
Forget about whether or not it's what some might call the right thing to do or not.  Could it be done?   How trivial would it be?
If it could be done with a minimum of fuss, what would it hurt to do so?  
I'm stating that there is a need for this option.  I'm stating that I'm certainly not the only one who would end up making use of it.
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