SCP protocol question and outstanding requests in SFTP

Bob Proulx bob at
Sat Oct 13 02:42:53 EST 2007

Chris Rapier wrote:
> The reason why I ask is that *many* of our users would like more 
> functionality in scp. I do try to point them to sftp but they're 
> generally unwilling due to perceived difficulties using SFTP in scripted 
> situations ...

I have experienced the same user pressure.  Users have worked up the
ranks through the rcommands having used rcp and now want to use scp
because it is what they know and is comfortable.  But when I point
them to rsync this pressure on scp is usually mitigated.  The rsync
command works well both in scripted situations and on the command

The rsync command from a user perspective is very similar to scp but
has a kitchen sink of features.  Plus from a technical standpoint
rsync has many efficiency advantages.  [Of course a part of me thinks
rsync is has too many creeping features too.  :-)]

It seems wasteful to put a huge amount of effort into scp when rsync
seems to fill the feature list quite well.  I think if you were to
push your users over to rsync that they would be very happy and
productive to be using it.


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