scp -t . - possible idea for additional parameter

Peter Stuge stuge-openssh-unix-dev at
Sun Oct 14 00:44:03 EST 2007


On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 08:15:59AM -0500, Larry Becke wrote:
> Yes, this is the same person who never replies back to me, so that
> I have to cut and paste their responses....     
> Thanks ever so much.

This happens because people are expected to be subscribed to mailing
lists before they post to them. That way there is no need to send out
multiple copies of the message on the poster side, when there is
already a distribution mechanism which will handle the message.

That said, sometimes people do what you do; post to lists without
being subscribed. I've done so too on occasion. When you do that, it
is fairly important to mention that you are not subscribed so that we
know that we need to include a copy to you.

Thank you.

> So - given that scp is the client software of choice, and that
> chroot is out due to the limits on implementations (scp-only only
> works within a user's home directory, and doesn't allow different
> directories to be used for different keys), I guess I have little
> choice but to look to the commercial ssh vendors who have already
> expressed an interest in the changes outlined.

Because you are using open source software you of course also have
the infinitely empowering option of modifying the code so that it
fits your task - or hiring someone else to do it. Of course, to
appreciate and leverage these quite revolutionary circumstances in
the software industry, you would indeed have to know the programming

I'd be surprised if you are an experienced unix admin and this was
the first time you could have solved a problem if you only knew C.

If you do not want to know however, then yes, you are in the market
for commercial software.


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