OpenSSH PKCS#11merge

Carson Gaspar carson at
Thu Sep 27 19:38:30 EST 2007

Alon Bar-Lev wrote:

> Kerberos is a single point of failure in term of availability and security.

Ummm... how? If you have 50 KDCs, what single point of availability 
failure is there? Yes, a compromised KDC key store is bad, but then so 
is a compromised CA. Actually, I'd say the compromised CA is worse (or 
has revocation actually been deployed in the real world yet? Oh wait, it 
hasn't been.)

> Even if Kerberos is a good solution for one domain network, how can
> you access foreign networks?

Cross-realm trust

> And even if you Kerberos the whole world... How can you securely
> access the Kerberos KDC when the KDC is down?

Have more than one... duh.

> Just like OpenSSH can access file based keys it should be able to use
> smarcard based keys and PKCS#11 is the common interface to access
> smartcards.

I'm not against smartcard support. But Kerberos bashing is not the way 
to get it. Especially underinformed (if I'm being charitable) bashing.

PKI, solving yesterday's problems, tomorrow, for over a decade...


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