Inconsistent none cipher behavior

Chris Rapier rapier at
Fri Sep 28 00:37:40 EST 2007

So Cipher is protocol 1 only
Ciphers is protocol 2 only
and -c is both and how its handled is context dependent

Is this about right? Sorry if I'm being a pest about this I'm trying to 
get some information together for one of our users who is trying to 
support their users. I just want to make sure I give them the right 

Darren Tucker wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 03:32:44PM -0400, Chris Rapier wrote:
>> Using stock OpenSSH 4.7 I found different behavior when trying to 
>> specify the use of the 'none' cipher depending on the command line 
>> option nomenclature. This is under linux 2.6.19-web100
>> using -ocipher=none
>> [root at delta openssh-4.7p1-hpnv19]# /home/rapier/ssh47/bin/scp -S 
>> /home/rapier/ssh47/bin/ssh -ocipher=none -P 2222 ~rapier/2gb 
> "Cipher" is an SSHv1-only directive so it will have no effect unless your
> connection is using Protocol 1.  Try "Ciphers".

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