SSH Command Line Password Support

GB gusgl2001 at
Sat Aug 16 08:02:58 EST 2008


I am interested in an ssh that is not interactive in requesting the password, i.e, whereas I can specify the password in the command line when calling SSH.
I have wondered how such a feature has not been included in such a good client, as it seems there are many (and I have searched for this) people require this capability for their scripts/automation.
I understand the possibility of avoiding passwords altogether by generating keys, but such an implementation of password on the command line should not be too difficult.

sshconnect2.c, for example, prompts for this on line 273. sshconnect1.c also does something similar in the function try_password_authentication(char *prompt)

Would it be possible for you to include this?
I would do it myself, however I've had problems compiling openssh.
If you are willing to help me compile open ssh, I am willing to work on this issue, which I see required for many people.

Thank you for all your work.


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