Jason Ostermann is out of the office.

Jason E Ostermann josterm at raytheon.com
Thu Aug 21 11:03:33 EST 2008

I will be out of the office starting Sun 08/17/2008 and will not return
until Mon 08/25/2008.

I am at a customer facility with access to email and voicemail only in the
evenings. If this is an urgent issue, please page me at 800-961-5776.
Otherwise, email will be reviewed nightly.

Alternate contacts:
For EC08 issues, please contact Matt Kinard at x6947 or
kinard at raytheon.com.
For High Speed Guard business issues/requests, please contact Kevin Cariker
at kcarike at raytheon.com
For ISE Lab issues, please contact Jeff Sherer at jsherer at raytheon.com


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