5.1p1 doesn't work, 5.0p1 works fine

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Thu Aug 28 01:54:58 EST 2008

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Dan wrote:

> 5.1p1 disconnects after the password prompt when connecting to my
> router and UPS. 5.1p1 connects fine to other unix hosts, and my
> Windows client connects fine to 5.1p1 servers. 5.0p1 works fine
> everywhere.
> I've tried ssh -T, ssh -t, permutations with ssh -o Compression=no -o
> TCPKeepAlive=no, etc, to no avail. I've used the default ssh_config
> file, and it still fails.
> Can anyone suggest any other command line options to try that might
> have changed?

Maybe your router is choking on the no-more-sessions at openssh.com request.
Try commenting out this block in ssh.c:ssh_session2()

>        /* If we don't expect to open a new session, then disallow it */
>        if (options.control_master == SSHCTL_MASTER_NO) {
>                debug("Requesting no-more-sessions at openssh.com");
>                packet_start(SSH2_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST);
>                packet_put_cstring("no-more-sessions at openssh.com");
>                packet_put_char(0);
>                packet_send();
>        }

Otherwise, you might have to compile a ssh client with -DPACKET_DEBUG to
see what packet is making your router freak out. Note that you should not
send full PACKET_DEBUG output to the mailing list as it will include
hex-encoded passwords - make sure you only send packets after
authentication has completed.


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