Can't connect client when runned from Windows Service

Adriana Rodean adrya1984 at
Fri Dec 12 21:19:49 EST 2008


I have a client on a Windows machine that connects through openssh on a
linux server.
I have this script (tunnel.cmd):

@echo off
:RUN echo Connecting…
"C:/Program Files/OpenSSH/bin/ssh.exe"  -R 40201:localhost:50300 -o
TCPKeepAlive=no -o ServerAliveInterval=15 -o ServerAliveCountMax=2 -i id_rsa
visma at
echo Restarting in 10 seconds…

It is runned from another application that starts as windows service.
When i run the same script manually it makes the connection to linux
machine. Is not working when we run it from the application that starts as
windows service.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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