route information

Flavien Lebarbe flavien-ssh at
Mon Jan 21 09:09:05 EST 2008

Richard Mitchell ecrivait :
> Would it be possible to add a debug option that displays each host  
> name as it connects to them?
> I create tunnels that sometimes uses 3 intermediate machines before  
> getting to the final destinations (I'm sure others create tunnels that  
> are much deeper).  To debug a problem, it would be helpful to see each  
> connection being made.

If I establish a tunnel :
    $ ssh -R 3000:host2:2222 host1 sleep 2000

And then in another terminal:
    $ ssh -p 3000 host1

The second ssh process has no idea that the connection it is making
to host1 is forwarded to host2. It talks through a socket with host1,
and that's it. It happens that the "active" end is not on host1 but
that host1 accepts the connection, connects to host2, and then
forwards data to host2, (the sshd-child initiaded by the first ssh
command does that). There is no way for the second ssh process to
know about it. So it looks to me that what you're asking for is not



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