OpenSSH + GeodeLX + Linux + Cryptodev = Corrupted MAC on input.

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Tue Jan 22 08:11:17 EST 2008

Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) wrote:
> I just set up Debian Lenny on a PCEngines ALIX. This board have a 
> GeodeLX processor with hardware crypto accelerator, so I patched my 
> kernel to get cryptodev support.
> Everything is fine when playin with openssl, but openssh just crash when 
> a large amount of data is transfered.
> A small example:
> alix:~# scp 100meg.test localhost:/dev/null
> root at localhost's password:
> 100meg.test                                                                                                                 
> 0%    0     0.0KB/s   --:-- ETAReceived disconnect from 2: 
> Corrupted MAC on input.
> lost connection
> alix:~#
> If I unload cryptodev kernel modules, averything works fine again.

Given that it works without the hardware driver, it sounds like some 
kind of problem with the crypto engine or the interface to it.  Can you 
run OpenSSL's self-test "make tests" and if so do they pass?

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