Portforwarding using the control master.

dvorak dvorak at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 19 23:25:32 EST 2008

Hi all,

currently I am considering writing a patch for OpenSSH that will allow
portforwarding using the control_master unix domain socket. The idea is
to introduce an extra SSHMUX command, SSHMUX_COMMAND_SOCKS, which will 
then pass control to the normal socks functions used for dynamic

The main reason for me to write this patch are:
- some more control over who gets to connect to portforwardings.
(the control_master has uid control build in, while everyone can
connect to the (dynamic) port forwardings.

- easier to keep an overview, remembering that master-%r@%h:%p
allows forwarding to ports from that machine is easier then keeping
track of all the different ports.

To be actually able to use it (since SSHMUX is an openssh only thing
as far as I can tell). I'll write a patch to socat as well.

Any comments?

Kind Regards,

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