openssh-5.0p1: sftp transfer logging doesn't appear to work with chroot environment

john lists.john at
Mon May 5 03:30:29 EST 2008

>  > >  Have you tried creating a /dev directory in the chroot and arranging
>  > >  for syslogd to listen on /dev/log there?
>  > >
>  > >  -d
>  > >
>  >
>  > No that doesn't seem to work for me.
>  >
>  What exact steps have you taken to accomplish what Damien proposed?
>  --
>     Sincerely Your, Dan.

Yes sorry Dan, I should have been specific.

I created a file in my chroot root called /home/dev/auth.log

Then I edited syslogd to write auth log to that location and restarted syslogd.

I commented out my chroot in sshd_config and confirmed that sftp file
transactions were being logged in /home/dev/auth.log

Then I uncommentd the chroot diretive and restarted sshd.
Although my sftp sessions were correctly chroot'd file transfers were
no longer logged.


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