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Tue Nov 11 23:27:42 EST 2008

On Nov 10 23:38, Martin Koeppe wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Douglas E. Engert wrote:
> > Martin Koeppe wrote:
> >> Hi openssh developers,
> >> 
> >> I'm trying to port openssh to Interix. See [1] for more on this.
> >> 
> >> For Interix sshd needs to be patched to not use setuid()/setgid(), but an 
> >> Interix specific function setuser(). See [2] why it is needed. 
> >> Unfortunately, setuser() needs the clear-text password of the user to be 
> >> fully functional (If you use password-less setuser(), then the user doesn't 
> >> have network access rights, e.g. no access to a network home dir).
> >
> > Sounds like what you are trying to do is run the sshd on a Windows
> > machine, and get the user's windows password so they can "login"
> > to Windows?
> It's only partly right. Interix can be thought of a unix-like kernel 
> running within the windows kernel. So you have all the unix syscalls
> and unix libc functions available. You also get unix-like file system 
> semantics. I'd like to port sshd to this unix-like environment.
> The goal is not just to have "any" ssh login on windows, it's to 
> enhance my port of Debian to interix.

This is all the same problem Cygwin's port to OpenSSH has.  However, on
Interix/SUA the user can store the password in the registry using the
`regpwd' tool.  I have no idea how the password is stored and how to
access it from privileged Interix processes, though.  Isn't there some
documentation?  Or is the password only accessible by daemons created by
Microsoft's developers?  Maybe you should try asking this on the MS
newsgroup dedicated to SUA:



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