Axway XFB sftp server & no-more-sessions at

Partenie, Sergiu Sergiu.Partenie at
Wed Nov 19 20:56:31 EST 2008

> Due to bugs in other servers, OpenSSH 5.2 will not send this extension
> message (nor the eow at channel half-closed notification) to
> any server that doesn't identify itself as OpenSSH. Vendors are required
> to gracefully refuse messages that they do not understand, so the "Axway
> XFB.Gateway" is actually what is at fault here.
> If any other ssh vendors what to receive these messages, then they should
> let us know so they can be whitelisted in compat.c

Thank you very much for the good news !
Indeed, the 3rd party SSH vendors are at fault here and they should fix their stuff, but realistically speaking, many new releases of OpenSSH will be delivered until the commercial vendors will fix their problems and the existing installations will be updated.

Thanks again, keep up the good work !

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