Possibility of implementing signal support from post in 2003?

Andrew Hayden andrew.hayden at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 16:17:25 EST 2008


Back in 2003 the developer of JSch, a Java SSH2 implementation, posted
a thread regarding support for sending signals to remote processes


The thread culminated in a patch provided by Markus Friedl, which
Atsuhiko Yamanaka tested and reported as working (unofficially), which
added support for this capability in the method
"session_input_channel_req".  I had a quick look through CVS and I see
this has never been applied (unless I'm missing something).

I'm developing an application based on JSch and I'd really like to see
this functionality added.  I have absolutely zero experience with the
OpenSSH codebase, and wouldn't quite know where to start with this in
terms of assessing its security and performance implications, though
from what I can see they would be pretty straightforward.  Is there
any possibility that this patch will get implemented, or this general
capability added, in the near future?  I don't have the ability to
patch OpenSSH in my particular environment (work), and would need this
in an official release to be blessed by security, etceteras.

Even if the answer is "no", thank you for your time, and apologies for
dragging an ancient thread up to the surface.


Andrew Hayden

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