OpenSSH performance with VIA padlock

Jan Klod janklodvan at
Sun Nov 23 08:44:40 EST 2008

On Thursday 20 November 2008 12:21:59 Darren Tucker wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 04:10:27PM +0200, Jan Klod wrote:
> > On Wednesday 19 November 2008 14:20:42 dtucker wrote:
> [...]
> > > Also as someone else mentioned, try a faster MAC such as umac64.
> >
> > Why should I, if I have padlock, which supports sha1/sha265?!
> Your objective is to make it go faster, right?  This might help.
> If it does that's a datapoint indicating that the MAC is the bottleneck
> and if it doesn't then it's another datapoint indicating the the MAC is
> *not* the bottleneck.
MAC *is* the bottleneck.
I have no luck with those patches from Michal's site somehow. It is easy to 
get virtually working sha1 HW accel, but hell know about its reliability from 
many aspects. Though, when openssh is started with patched openssl, there is 
no acceleration at all.
I'm confused: should I keep trying to get it work, as it could at least double 
communications speed...

> Anyway, I see Damien has also added some info to this thread.

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