ssh-agent clustering

Garry Boyce garry.boyce at
Tue Nov 25 05:02:05 EST 2008

Hi.. I've looked through all the documentation and searched numerous
websites and I can't find any viable current way to cluster ssh-agents.

The functionality gap I see is to allow a situation where 2 ssh-agents are
running on 2 different trusted machines. If one of those machines goes down
passwordless logins should be allowed to continue through the backup
ssh-agent. And when the machine comes back up the newly restarted agent
should be able to resync with the backup agent. This way 2 machines would
have to go down before passwords would have to be re-entered.

I'm wondering the implications of this kind of functionality and wondering
if this were to be implemented would it be something the development team
would be apt to consider for inclusion.

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