OpenSSH with PermitPAMUserChange feature?

Josele Lerele josimapi at
Wed Nov 26 23:00:03 EST 2008


>From what I have read in this post
SSH doesn't allow to log in with a user that is not part of the system. At
least that's what I have understood from the bugzilla post. I have tried to
test whether this patch was added to the latest version of OpenSSH, but it
hasn't. I haven't even found the PermitPAMUserChange flag in the
configuration file.

Am I right?

This feature is critical for my implementation, because my PAM module needs
a user that is not in the system during authentication and then it changes
to be one of it. One of my targets was not to change the server code, so
that when intalling the program I only had to add a PAM module instead of
adding a patch to the ssh server too.

Does somebody knows if there is a workaround in PAM to solve this issue that
I could implement?

Thanks a lot for your help


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