feature request: single line mode.

Dan Yefimov dan at nf15.lightwave.net.ru
Sat Nov 29 10:00:25 EST 2008

On 29.11.2008 0:30, Han Boetes wrote:
> Hi,
> I have this feature request for slow connections, I don't even
> know if it is possible but here goes:
> On slow connections making typos is very annoying because of low
> latency. Could you add a feature which only sends complete lines,
> like with an IRC client where nothing get's sent until you hit
> return?
> Or would this not be an ssh feature at all but rather a terminal
> emulator feature?
This is in fact a terminal feature. The matter is that currently SSH switches a 
terminal to raw (unbuffered) mode (AFAIK). If SSH didn't do that, many 
full-screen programs (VIM, for example) would show an erratic behaviour.

Sincerely Your, Dan.

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