Authentication w/ key + password

Carson Gaspar carson at
Wed Sep 3 06:58:59 EST 2008

Rainer Laatsch wrote:
> If your home dir is on local disk or (standard) nfs (without access
> control enforcement like in AFS NFS4 e.g) the ssh login with an ssh-key
> enabled in your .ssh/authorized_keys should work. Alternative password
> authentication is best be done via PAM (not /etc/shadow). A quick lookup

Which has nothing to do with what he wants. He wants to require _both_ 
publickey and password auth before access is granted.

Many moons ago I created a patch to add ordered authentications, but the 
openssh devs didn't like the idea.

More recently, one of the openssh devs proposed (and I think coded) 
support for unordered multiple authentications. I don't know what the 
status of this is, hopefully one of the devs will chime in. I'm sure 
google can find the thread in one of the list archives.


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