RFE: DynamicForward on ~C commandline and via ControlMaster

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Fri Sep 26 20:05:05 EST 2008


currently the commandline that can be reached via ~C cannot create new 
DynamicForwards. This is a feature I really miss, therefore it would be nice, 
if it could be implemented, e.g.

-D 12345

should open a new socks proxy on port 12345 on the local machine.

Also I want to ask what the status on allowing additional a 
{Local,Remote,Dynamic}Forward using in combination with ControlMaster is. I 
found this message from 2005 saying that it is planned to support it, but it 
does not seem to work with recent openssh versions:


Probably I could create a patch for the first issue, but I am not a c-expert.

Please note, that I am not on this mailing list.

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