PermitUserEnvironment in sshd match block?

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Aug 26 11:27:47 EST 2009

Daniel Allen wrote:
> Hello,
> Our campus environment would find it very useful to pass 
> user-environment variables for certain login ssh connections, but of 
> course want to avoid the security problems with LD_PRELOAD and 
> PermitUserEnvironment as described in sshd_config manpages.
> Would the best answer be a patch that adds PermitUserEnvironment support 
> inside match blocks?

That seems like a reasonable thing to do.

> Are there technical or other reasons this has 
> already been considered and rejected?

The approach to adding things to Match has been on a case by case basis, 
checking if the thing is a) useful and b) safe.  It's a lot easier to 
evaluate these thing one at a time than in a large batch of them.

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