"Include" directive in ~/.ssh/config (reprise)

Yaniv Aknin yaniv at aknin.name
Mon Jan 5 21:12:04 EST 2009


About a year and a half ago, Hank Leininger posted a plea to this list  
for the inclusion of an Include directive in OpenSSH's configuration  

Hank's suggestion is detailed and thorough enough IMHO, so instead of  
repeating it I'll link it here http://marc.info/?l=openssh-unix-dev&m=118236823907002&w=2 

I'm also interested in this feature, and though my C skills aren't  
what they never used to be, I think this is well within the range of  
my ability to undertake, if people here have no objections.

If I'll implement this feature, will it be integrated into the next  
release of OpenSSH? What's the process I should go through for that?

  - Yaniv

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