folding Apple tweaks into openssh

Disco Vince Giffin vgiffin at
Thu Jan 8 05:42:24 EST 2009


	Most of the Apple patches have been submitted (via 
) and can be found by searching OpenSSH's Bugzilla.  A number have  
been incorporated into the upstream OpenSSH.  If there are any  
specific patches on Apple's open source site ( 
) that you feel should be taken into the upstream source, please  
comment in the corresponding Bugzilla bug.

- Disco Vince Giffin

On Jan 7, 2009, at 3:52 AM, Jim Reid wrote:

> Hi. Apple have a bunch of patches to openssh that they have folded
> into the version that's shipped with MacOSX. Some of these are very
> convenient: like automagically starting an ssh-agent at login/boot
> time and the ability to have SSH passphrases stored and fetched from
> the Keychain. It would be nice if these could be considered for
> rolling in to a future release of openssh.
> FWIW the patches are at
> . As far as I'm aware they're open source and not encumbered by
> licensing nasties.
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