access to buggy openssh-3.x

Rekha Bachwani rbachwan at
Tue Jan 20 21:34:00 EST 2009


    I wanted to have access to the openssh-3.x source in which
    the bugs were reported.  For instance, one of the problems
    reported in openssh-3.1 was
    *Bug 182* <> - ssh 
should still force SIGCHLD to be SIG_DFL when calling ssh-rand-helper
    When I download openssh-3.1p1, I see the bug fixed.  I would
    like to reproduce some of the old openssh bugs (for my research),
    and therefore, need access to the source which actually had
    bugs or atleast against which the bugs were reported.

    Does anyone know how to get access to such an code?

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