Ordering of key offers with "ssh -i"

Tim Jackson lists at timj.co.uk
Sun Jul 26 18:57:39 EST 2009

On 26/07/09 00:41, Darren Tucker wrote:

> Tim Jackson wrote:

>> Is it expected behaviour that when using "ssh -i", the key specified
>> in the "-i" option is only sent to the server *after* trying all other
>> keys in ~/.ssh ?

> What you're looking for is, from ssh_config(5):
> IdentitiesOnly

That does help - thanks. I overlooked that as it only mentioned the config 
files rather than interactive options. Still, the ordering seems strange. Even 
without IdentitiesOnly, wouldn't it make sense to try the specified key(s) 
first, and only then fall back to other keys provided by the agent?


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