IPv6 traffic class

Malcolm Scott m at lcolm.org.uk
Fri Jul 31 10:18:30 EST 2009


In IPv4, OpenSSH sets the Type of Service (ToS) / DSCP field appropriately, 
e.g. "low delay" for interactive connections.  In IPv6, however, the Traffic 
Class field is apparently left set to zero for all packets.  Is there a 
reason for this?

My understanding is that it would be valid to set the IPv6 Traffic Class 
identically to the IPv4 ToS field.  In a bug report to Debian 
(http://bugs.debian.org/498297), Lionel Elie Mamane posted a patch to do 
just this.  If this is acceptable, I'd love to see this incorporated into 


(Please CC me on replies.)

Malcolm Scott

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