PasswordAuthentication fails in openssh3.7.1p1 as it does not use PAM

Lalith Rajendran (CW) lrajendr at Brocade.COM
Thu Jun 4 16:02:52 EST 2009



I am an engineer working with Brocade.


We recently upgraded one of our products to openssh3.7.1p1. Once we did
this, the password authentication always failed while connecting through
ssh. The authentication succeeds if attempted through
keyboard-interactive authentication.


On debugging this we found that Password authentication is not working
because it doesn't Use PAM in openssh 3.7.1p1. 







Not applicable

Uses PAM

Uses PAM if PAMAuthenticationViaKbdInt is enabled

3.7p1 - 3.7.1p1

Defaults to yes

Does not use PAM

Uses PAM if UsePAM is enabled

3.7.1p2 - 3.8.1p1

Defaults to no

Does not use PAM [1] <> 

Uses PAM if UsePAM is enabled


Defaults to no

Uses PAM if UsePAM is enabled

Uses PAM if UsePAM is enabled

Why was Password Authentication using PAM removed in 3.7.1p1? We need
this to be supported in 3.7.1p1. Please let us know what could be done
to enable this in 3.7.1p1.   





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