Ssh Doubt:

Peter Stuge peter at
Sat May 2 23:20:31 EST 2009

Hello S.M. Kumaran,

S.M. Kumaran wrote:
> Right now i have using puppy linux (ver 3) how to install ssh
> packages & configured
> ( i have already got openssh 5.1 but i got some errors means root
> can't access via putty so what can i do...)
> Kindly tel step by step as soon as... im waiting for ur Reply

You sent this message to the OpenSSH developer mailing list, but you
are asking a question about something very specifically for one
particular Linux distribution.

I am afraid you are asking people who can not help you. Instead, I
suggest that you look for a support forum for Puppy Linux. It could
be a web based forum or a mailing list or an IRC channel. Start
searching their web page.

You also mention that you get an error with OpenSSH 5.1 and can not
log in as root. We may be able to help you with that issue, because
it could be related to OpenSSH, but we need much more information
than you have provided so far. At a minimum you have to provide the
exact error message that you see and the sshd_config file that you
are using on the server when you get the error.

Lastly, please do not expect any open source project to spoon feed
you detailed instructions on request.

I do not know many situations where complete strangers are so helpful
as in open source, but please understand that everyone who is
contributing is doing so completely voluntarily, and that in using
Puppy Linux you already benefit from the work of many thousand

This is fantastic - and fun also for developers, because they see
that their work is being used by many.

Language is always a barrier - it certainly is for me - but how
questions are phrased when asking for help is very important. We need
to be certain that you have really spent some time trying to diagnose
and fix the problem yourself, that you have already consumed and
interpreted the documentation that is available, and that you are
asking developers for help only because you have looked hard for
sources of information and have now exhausted all those you could
find. Your request will be taken much more seriously if you explain
how you have already tried to solve the problem yourself.


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