Sourcetrunk : OpenSSH episode

source trunk sourcetrunk at
Wed May 27 21:24:17 EST 2009


I've briefly reviewed your excellent software (OpenSSH) and thought I'd let
you know. The podcast aired on 27/06/2009 . You can find it on

If you are under the impression that your software was not reviewed like it
should and/or did not get the review that it deserved, please let me know
and I'll make adjustments and addenda in the next episode.

Since the reviews are rather short and it is not possible to cover every
feature of the software (and due to the nature of OpenSSH this task is
really difficult), there is a fair chance that I've missed features that
should have been mentioned. If so, just point them out to me in a reply and
I'll be more then happy to mention them in the next episode.

Thanks again for the great software.

kind regards,
Dimitri Larmuseau.
host/producer Sourcetrunk.

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