Limiting simultaneous sftp downloads..

Robert Waite winstonwaite at
Fri Nov 6 06:39:33 EST 2009

When I use Filezilla... the default setup will download two files in the
at the same time.

What I would notice is sometimes I could really hear my harddrive thrashing
as it scanned over the disk trying to get data from both files.

Now... it is quite possible that filezilla performs two logins... but it
like it is performing the operations over the same connection. There is a
sshd_config setting called "MaxSessions". I set this to one but filezilla
still downloaded files in pairs simultaneously.

Does anyone know if there is a facility to pull two files over one login?
Is there a way to stop this?
I realize that if multiple users login... then there is no way to really
stop this..
but it is sad when I hear my harddrive cranking away when only one apparent
user is signed in with filezilla. Seems like having server control over this
be nice.


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