PermitUserEnvironment in sshd match block?

Daniel Allen drallen at
Fri Sep 4 23:46:12 EST 2009

Daniel Allen wrote:

 > Would the best answer be a patch that adds PermitUserEnvironment  
 > inside match blocks?

Darren Tucker wrote:

 > The approach to adding things to Match has been on a case by case  
 > checking if the thing is a) useful and b) safe.  It's a lot easier to
 > evaluate these thing one at a time than in a large batch of them.

Damien Miller wrote:

 > We could make PermitUserEnvironment accept a pattern-list to match
 > environment variables, while retaining "yes", "no", "true" and  
 > as their current meanings of allow/deny-all.

Both (or either) of these options would meet our current needs very  
well.  The pattern-list would seem the more elegant approach for our  
use.  I am sorry that I don't have the wherewithal to submit a patch  
now, though if it helps things along I'd be happy to submit a bugzilla  
request.  Or not, if you prefer.

Thanks for your work,
Daniel Allen

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