Sending PATH using SendEnv

Jim Rees rees at
Thu Apr 1 02:35:38 EST 2010

Stuart Taylor wrote:

  I thought this was something that might concern the developers so I
  thought I'd post here.  Apologies in advance if that's not the case.
  I'm setting up a CentOS cluster with OpenSSH_4.3p2 which uses ssh to
  launch processes on the remote nodes.  I'm trying to use the
  SendEnv/AcceptEnv functionality to send the PATH environment variable from
  the headnode when users are launching jobs on remote nodes, since
  everything is cross-mounted and therefore in the same place.

If everything is mounted in the same place, why aren't the users getting the
same shell rc file on the remote machine, and therefore the same PATH?

You forgot to say what shell you're using, but bash seems to inherit the
PATH even if it's run as a login shell.  But I wouldn't depend on login to
preserve the PATH, in fact I'd be surprised if it did.  This is not an ssh

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