Extremely weired Thunderbird OpenSSH interaction

Alexander Wuerstlein arw at arw.name
Sat Apr 3 05:50:00 EST 2010

On 10-04-02 19:45, Niklas Schnelle <niklas at komani.de> wrote:
> Dear OpenSSH developers,
> first thank you for this great tool!
> Me and a friend have experienced some seriously crazy interaction
> between Thunderbird and OpenSSH, the problem is it's
> not reproducable but as it left definite traces on the server and it
> could be a serious security problem I still want to report it.
> so the following happened:
> My friend is running Ubuntu 9.10 with the new Thunderbird from a PPA 
> he connected to our server (running Debian Lenny) using OpenSSH in a
> normal gnome-terminal. Then he launched Thunderbird from the application
> menu and now it's getting really weired. 
> When thunderbird launched and connected to the IMAP Servers the SSH
> session in the currently unfocussed terminal was
> flooded with data, specifically with subject lines from the mails in
> Thunderbird this was to the degree that it created weired named files on
> our server like "Gesendet:" ("sent" in German)
> "bla at example.com" and so on.

I would guess that you stumbled over the somewhat obscure and weird
"remote" feature of some Mozilla products[1]. Try starting thunderbird
with -no-remote as a parameter and see if it makes a difference.


Alexander Wuerstlein.

[1] https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Command_Line_Options

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