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Sat Apr 3 12:12:06 EST 2010

On 3/04/2010, at 11:11 AM, James Nierodzik <jnierodzik at> wrote:

> Hello OpenSSH devs,
> I'm hoping this is the proper forum for this question, but if not  
> maybe some kind soul could point me in the right direction.
> I've been tasked with maintaing a Windows application that  
> currently, or will need to, make use of the following tools:
>    • ssh-keygen
>    • ssh
>    • sshd
>    • sftp

So what's wrong with putty for everything apart from sshd? Works well,  
stable and has a good installer?

In my experience all the sshd versions on windows have their own  
issues with either running as a service or other windows related  
issues when trying to run a unix service on a windows platform.

Ymmv but the cygwin builds are the easist, albiet not the smallest or  
the most compatible for running a sshd.

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve by having a sshd  
server on a windows host?

> I know there are a few packages out there already CopSSH being one  
> of them (which does work for my purposes albeit clunkily) but
> they all have various pitfalls. (footprint too large, no silent  
> install, having to authorize users, no sftp support, etc…) so I am l 
> ooking to compile my own.
> Ideally I would end up with the cygwin dlls required and my  
> executable OpenSSH files that I could then dump in a directory on the
> Windows client, import the required registry keys from within my app  
> and be off to the races.  No 'real' installation required and a  
> minimal
> footprint

Cygwin is the only real way to go. Install it and then zip up the  
installed directory with all the packages you want, then it's pretty  

> So with all that said can anyone point me in the right direction of  
> how to go about doing this?  I've done a bit of research and  
> mentally have
> been unable to put all the pieces in place.
> I appreciate any help and hopefully I won't get told to RTFM (unless  
> you also want to point me to the appropriate section)  =)
> Cheers,
> Jay
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