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>> All files mentioned are placed on one machine. This is incorrect,
>> and makes the explanation unclear.
> But it isn't incorrect.  A single host may be either a client or a
> server or both.  The choice is completely controlled by how it is
> configured.  The administrator may configure it ether one way or the
> other way or both ways.

I think this should be more exactly stated as:

A machine is nither a server nor a client.
The *software* that runs on a machine could be
implemented as a server (have a listen inside the code) or a client (have a
connect inside the code). Some software are *both* servers and clients.

So a machine is *not* configured to be a server or a client. You can place
server software and/or client software on a machine.

I know this is semantics but it is this semantics that make things difficult
to grasp.

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