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Thu Apr 8 04:08:52 EST 2010

2010/4/7 Doru Georgescu <headset001 at>:
> I want to connect two computers, using openssh. One computer will be the client, there I sit in front of the console and do "ssh the_other_computer". The other computer will be the server. I want to connect using keys instead of a password, for improved security.

> So:
> I open the sshd manual and see that it refers to many files. Some of these files are on the server, others are on the client. Of course, there are files with the same name both on server and client. But the manual does not say when it refers to files on server, and when it refers to files on client. Therefore, the manual is incorrect, because it does not convey the information it is supposed to convey.

Or you have some basic lack of understanding client/server software...

You have missunderstood how files are used in Unix. In fact many files
are used by both client software and
server software. The files /etc/services  and /etc/protocols are of
this kind. If you write "man sshd" all configuration files
should be stated, for the server, in the manual page and likewise "man
ssh" should give all relevant files for the client.
NOTE! Some of them *could* be the same! It is up to the programmer!

> Now tell me what don't you understand in the above two paragraphs, because I certainly can tell what can't I understand in the large number of answers which I received on this list: why do none of them answer to what I said, and why do you everybody change the subject while still post in my thread?

You can't write in a thread like this and say that the manuals are
wrong, when you don't know the definition of
client/server software, *and* refereing to machines as clients or
server or operating systems as clients or server,
without getting a lot of comments.

Cordially yours,

> Doru
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>> Dear Doru,
>> You should know that in the Unix environment it is *very*
>> common to
>> connect from one machine to "itself". If for instance a
>> system have
>> several interface (many IP addresses) this could be the
>> only way to
>> access some services.
>> In fact, there is no sutch terms as server/client machines.
>> Software
>> can be server (they have a "listen" system call), and
>> software could be
>> clients (they have a "connect" system call).
>> You should know that if you want to discuss those matters,
>> the ssh
>> mail list is *not* the place to do it.
>> Cordially Yours,
>> GH
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