Limit number of connections per user?

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Fri Apr 16 07:14:05 EST 2010

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>> Why do you want to do this! This is totaly against all
>> praxis in a Unix environment! Users will bee VERY anyoyed. If they log
>> in from
>> home and then go to some other place and try to login and the server
>> says "rejected"
>> they will just get mad. (In my opinion). And mostly because they don't
>> understand
>> the logic in this. A unix is a multiuser, mutli session environment.
>> Scrap this idea!
>> GH

>> 2010/4/15 Scott Neugroschl <scott_n at>:
>>> because I have a customer who requested it?
Try to reach ot the reason he wants it. I guess he really wants a program
which bans multiple unsuccessful login attempts. Not allowing Fred to login
twice could be done with PAM, but it would be like shooting itself in
the foot.
The users will still be able to run many programs (or just a single program
with an high load), and when their connection drops (as will happen if they
are not all in the same intranet) and they retry they will discover that
server hasn't noticed yet and they are locked out.

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