Limit number of connections per user?

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at
Fri Apr 16 06:45:26 EST 2010

Goran Hasse wrote:
> Why do you want to do this! This is totaly against all praxis in a Unix
> environment! Users will bee VERY anyoyed. If they log in from home and then
> go to some other place and try to login and the server says "rejected" they
> will just get mad. (In my opinion). And mostly because they don't understand 
> the logic in this. A unix is a multiuser, mutli session environment. Scrap
> this idea!

I agree it could be very annoying, but perhaps the customer "knows" that what 
the users are doing on the system is an "only one login required" thing and 
feels that having the second login attempt fail would be an (imperfect) 
indication of someone having stolen a username/password, or someone improperly 
sharing one?  Never mind that they could in theory glean the same information 
from last/wtmp :)

rick jones

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